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Our Services

A one-stop-shop for SMART ENERGY DIH innovation development services and cooperation opportunities.
Test before

Raise awareness and provide, or ensure access to, digital transformation expertise, know-how and services, including testing and experimentation facilities.

Support to find

Support companies, especially SMEs and start-ups, organisations and public administrations to become more competitive and improve their business models

Innovation ecosystem
and networking opportunities

Acting as facilitator to bring together industry, businesses and administrations which are in need of new technological solutions


Stakeholder ecosystem building and synergy creation.

Knowledge Transfer

Facilitating international technology, competence and know-how transfer.

Innovation Co-Creation

Supporting R&D project development and funding accessibility.

Use Case Validation

Solution prototyping, end-user testing and market need assessment.


Innovation business development and investment readiness services.

Mentoring and Training

Supporting upcoming talent and fostering innovation growth.

About us

Smart Energy DIH is the smart energy innovation ecosystem based in Vilnius (Lithuania). The Digital Innovation Hub that brings together major research, business and public stakeholders in Lithuania for the common development and implementation of digital transformations in the renewable energy, greenhouse gas reduction, eco-design, recycling, environmental protection, circular business model development and associated sectors that meets European citizens’ needs.

As Smart Energy DIH was established to facilitate the full innovation chain, from basic research to market uptake, it consists of participants from academia, the public sector, and the private sector: major national renewable energy center’s and research / educational institutions, international smart energy equipment manufacturers, NGOs, technology providers and facilitators.


Case studies

Advanced bifacial SoliTek solar plant

Lithuanian solar technology company SoliTek has opened In Ukraine, Dnieper region, a new generation 2 MW solar power plant, the first of its kind in…

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Floating solar plant in Kruonis PSHP

Experimental floating photovoltaic solar power plant project in Kruonis pumped storage hydroelectric power plant (PSHP), developed by Lithuanian…

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Detra Solar virtual reality software

Detra Solar developed software that creates 3D rendered images of the solar park design. These images can be manipulated and explored on screen or…

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Keep the Energy at the right place

The overall aim of the Energy Keeper project is to design, develop and test a novel, scalable, sustainable and cost competitive flow battery based on…

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Solar PV on the Distribution Grid

The goal of the iDistributedPV project is to develop affordable integrated solutions to enhance the production of energy through solar photovoltaic…

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