Lithuanian solar technology company SoliTek has opened In Ukraine, Dnieper region, a new generation 2 MW solar power plant, the first of its kind in Europe. Equipped with top of the line bifacial glass-glass solar panels and horizontal single-axis sun tracking system, it will generate up to 40% more electricity than a conventional solar power plant. After piloting this project this year, SoliTek plans to start installing this model in EU markets. The size of investment by Global BOD Group, owner of the SoliTek, is 2.6 million EUR.

The state-of-the-art solar power plant combined 3 major innovations: bifacial glass-glass solar panels with service life cycle of at least 30 years, horizontal single-axis sun tracking system and ultra-reflective UV-stable polypropylene woven textile under the panels, which increases the Albedo effect up to 6 times. Traditional large-scale solar plants around the world use standard one sided panels installed on the ground

“Our uniqueness is in all these details, because such large-scale solar plants usually employ the basic technologies with no ambition to break-through with such innovations. We will demonstrate, that such a new approach to state-of-the-art industrial scale solar parks can be beneficial – both financially and educationally. This new solar plant will yield higher ROI and be example business-case for our future installations in EU,” says Vidmantas Janulevičius, Chairman of the Board of Global BOD Group.

The benefits of horizontal single-axis sun tracking system is more efficient use of solar radiation in the morning and the end of the day, exactly when there is a peak of power consumption all around and thus the highest price of electricity. The curve of electricity production by such a solar power plant is flat during the day and corresponds to the standard electricity consumption profile of household and industrial consumers.

The new SoliTek power plant in Volnohorsk, Ukraine, covers an area of 6 hectares and is located in an abandoned industrial area next to a glass factory. It is planned that the generation of the solar power plant will reach its maximum already this year and already in 2020 will allow the know-how created here to be used for the installation of similar power plants in Scandinavia and the Benelux countries, the major SoliTek markets of today.

“Although this power plant is not unique in scale, it is completely unique in its technological solutions. A couple of years ago we set the strategic direction of our group – to focus on building most efficient and technologically advanced solar plants and parks with maximum possible life span.

Only by offering completely innovative technological solutions we can effectively compete with Asian manufacturers. With this project, we will prove that a thoughtful investment in state-of-the-art technology solutions can be more profitable than the reproduction of standard projects,” says Vidmantas Janulevičius, Chairman of the Board of Global BOD Group.

The warranty period for the new generation of SoliTek solar power plants is also significantly different from the traditional ones being built in world markets today: SoliTek glass-glass panels maintain stability and maximum efficiency for at least 30 years, while conventional large power plant projects come with standard 10-year panel life span.

“The math is simple – the investment in such a project will generate three times more electricity revenue. Thus, the return on investment will continue to increase,” emphasizes Mr. V. Janulevicius.

SoliTek solar power plant in Ukraine consists of 220 horizontal single-axis units that are programmed to follow the sun’s trajectory in the sky; each unit mounts 30 pieces SOLID Bifacial HC glass- glass solar panels manufactured at the SoliTek plant in Vilnius, Lithuania. The effect of bifacial panels and solar tracking technology will allow the system to generate at least 40% more electricity. The power plant employs 11 Swiss company ABB 175 kW power inverters.


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