Energy storage technologies

With the increasing rate of introduction of unstable renewable energy sources, Electricity Energy Storage (EES) can supply more flexibility and balancing to the grid. It can improve the management of distribution networks, reducing costs, improving efficiency and high supply quality. It can improve security and efficiency of electricity transmission and stabilize electricity market prices, while also ensuring higher energy supply security. The main solution of EES today are batteries; other forms of EES could be too costly and/or suffer from one or more of the following: safety issues, environmental issues, lack of scalability, lack of stability or required lifetime.

We believe that future belongs to hybrid energy storage technologies which can match demand and supply of power and heat from renewable energy sources. The batteries should be used for responding from minutes to hours and supercapacitors for respond in seconds. Excess of electricity could be stored as heat using Phase changing materials or thermochemical reaction approaches.

Such type of the systems would generate Big Data which related to flows of information from generation, consumption sites and storage devices interconnections.

Energy storage group concentrates on building models how to control the hybrid energy storage systems and renewable sources in the most technologically and economically reasonable way.

The head of the Data management center  is prof. Dr. Darius  Milčius, the members of energy storage technologies working group:

  1. Kęstutis Navickas, VDU
  2. Ričardas Krikštolaitis, VDU
  3. Julius Denafas, UAB „Soli Tek R&D“
  4. Tadas Radavičius, UAB „Soli Tek R&D“
  5. Julius Sakalauskas, UAB „Soli Tek Cells“
  6. Aurimas Bružas, UST
  7. Vytautas Sabaliauskas, UAB „ProIT“
  8. Vytautas Keršiulis, UAB „Ignitis grupė“

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