Solar and wind power are currently undergoing rapid development/integration in Lithuania and worldwide. Smart technologies for electrical power plants and electricity networks are also being developed, and new strategies and forward-thinking approaches are addressed. Conventional solutions are increasingly enhanced by complex solutions, e.g.  solar and wind power plants are integrated  to one assets and linked with with other technologies (e.g. energy storage, hydrogen, power-to-gas technologies). It paves a way to  virtual solutions as well.


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Smart cities

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Circular economy

With the emergence of increasing complexity of technological solutions/concepts, special attention is paid to the development of new business models and their implementation. At present, solutions are usually applied to energy infrastructure objects, but with the enlarged approaches  the solutions will extend their coverage to  a part of the smart city.

As known,  the growth of cities leads to the increase of energy consumption. If cities strive to become “Smart,” renewables as solar and wind power can play a crucial role in helping them achieve their smartness goals.  As cities tend to attract growing businesses, talents, and innovations in increasingly competitive global market, solar and wind power get a key role in achieving their smart city aims.